How will the academy help my business?

Heavens Digital Academy offers courses to help with online business development, specifically in the area of marketing strategies, sales, self-development & leadership.

H-D-A aims to teach people leadership skills, presentation keys and digital product development.

Your clients/customers are ordinary people who use social media so we teach social media marketing and advertising as well. We teach you how to do that and engage them as prospects.

Automation is a big part of online businesses so we teach you how to set your business on autopilot as well so you may never even have to speak to them directly to close a sale!

However, if your business requires that kind of service we show you how to get your clients coming back to you to close the deal/sale.

The most important thing that we teach you is how to position yourself as the best in the niche, raising your reputation in the process and make your clients/customers come to you instead of you chasing them!

We Recommend: >1K Accelerator Program to get the best foundation

How does the spiritual side of H-D-A help my business?

Heavens Digital Academy provides content on tapping into your spiritual gifts and natural abilities and using that to advance your business and create products that suit your unique created value.

Engaging Kingdom Realities and partnering with God to unlock the scroll written about your life is at the forefront of H-D-As ambitions.

Proverbs 18:16 - A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.

We believe that every person carries a unique Kingdom message to help people in the world. We aim to ensure that students tap into the spirit of wisdom and revelation as they bring forth ideas, inventions & strategies from the Kingdom realms of Heaven.

How long do I have access to the courses?

You have lifetime access to the courses, schools and programs.

You may access content on any device.

What are the beliefs of Heavens Digital Academy?

Kurshin and Heavens Entrepreneurs are focused on expanding the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth governed by love and the power of Holy Spirit.

Christ is the foundation of this academy and the blood of Jesus is our atoning sacrifice and impenetrable protection.

Our goal is to grow in love and re-present Christ to the face of the Earth and the Heavenly Realms.

What is Kingdom Entrepreneurship?

We define Kingdom Entrepreneurship as using business to advance the Kingdom of God. Kingdom Entrepreneurs apply principals taught from the bible with the utmost ethical values as we represent Christ in the marketplace.

What is Supernatural Ministry?

We are not merely humans. We are more. We are sons of God. That means that we operate from the same power, authority and heart of God. 

Relationship with the Father is the source of the supernatural ministry teaching. All teaching comes from relationship with Yahweh, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. You will find no witchcraft here but your eyes will be opened to the truth of your divine identity in God.

Are their scholarships or financial aid?

We currently offer a scholarship of up to 50% off courses, programs and schools. Our aim is not to be restrictive but instead to help gain access to content. If you require additional payment plans, please schedule a call with us.

Is there an application process to enroll?

No all people are welcome to join Heavens Digital Academy.

What is the length of each course?

Each course, school and program varies. Programs are usually longer, containing more videos and h/w tasks. 

Do I have to complete the courses within a set timeframe?

No, you may work at your own pace. Depending on your course, program, or masterclass you will be able to receive additional help from our private group communities.

What devices do I require?

Depending on the type of course, program, school or masterclass you may require a computer. Certain courses, schools and masterclasses will only require a phone or ipad to watch content on.