How To Apply

Kurshin desires that every person has an equal opportunity to learn to grow in their faith and their business. Not everyone has the ability to get into a high ticket program or premium courses due to financial hardship.

So every month Kurshin aims to bless applicants with a scholarship that will cover partial amounts of their tuition fees. The base amount will cover up to 50% off tuition fees. If the applicant is still unable to cover the cost and would like to receive payment plans, it will be arranged on a case by case basis.

The Heavens Digital Academy Scholarship applies to all programs and courses at the academy. Please fill out the form below.

*You will be required to answer all questions.

*Scholarship recipients will have 2 days to enroll in chosen courses if they are accepted. If they do not enroll within 2 days of receiving a scholarship it may be passed onto another person and the applicant will have to fill out another scholarship application.

*An email will be sent to scholarship winners with a discount code to use when enrolling into the courses.

*Scholarship applicants can expect a response within one week of application. If you do not receive an email response within one week then you have not been awarded a scholarship. You may apply for a scholarship again in the following month.